Large plant containers for trees






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Sometimes it’s just not possible to plant a tree exactly where you want it.  You may want to screen off an area so that you are not overlooked or you may want to hide an unsightly storage area or air-conditioning equipment.   


The only thing is, right where you want the tree to go there is pavement or concrete.   You could dig up the pavement but have you considered what’s underneath?   For commercial properties and apartment patios, it may be the basement or the apartment underneath!


If the screening needs to cover a large area then a purpose built raised planter bed may be considered. If the screening can be provided by three, four or five trees, then it’s going to be much more economical to install a few free standing large plant containers of a size suitable for trees.





Materials such as timber, terracotta and ceramics are often associated with plants in pots.    There are other materials that are just as suitable such as GRP ( glass fibre) and stainless steel.  If you can’t see a size you want, we can usually supply one in GRP or steel to your own design and specification.

While we are talking of economics, the most economical plant container will be synthetic or plastic ( see pictures on right).  The word plastic is often mistakenly associated with low quality and poor durability.   

Plastics are in fact a wide range of materials that are easily formed in to shape.   The ease of forming allows the products to be made quickly and at low cost. So, plastic plant containers are usually more economical but not necessarily lower quality.  



Large plastic terracotta pot
Large square lead style plastic planter

Above:1100mm dia terracotta style plastic

Above:900mm wide in various colours

When choosing a large plant container for your trees,  you will need to consider whether the area is prone to winds. Most areas will be at some time during the year!


The traditional flower pot shaped plant containers will be less stable than a straight sided planter.  The narrow bottomed planter will be suitable if the trees or shrubs are not very tall but the trees will grow taller in time and if not regularly  trimmed to the correct height may be prone to toppling over on a regular basis when the wind blows.


Trees, shrubs and flowers in planters will need watering more than those planted in the ground and this can easily be achieved with a simple irrigation system.   It’s also possible to install a self-watering unit which is a water reservoir placed in the bottom of the container and replenished via a filler spout.


Left: lightweight terracotta style.

GRP plant containers are available in a very wide range of sizes, styles and colours.   Stainless steel always looks very upmarket although perhaps is only suitable for a modern environment.

Large stainless steel tree planter with seats

Left: stainless steel tree planter with seats. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Versailles planters are a garden classic and are produced in a choice of materials. Choose softwood for economy and hardwood for quality and durability.  These are also available in waterproof and rot-proof GRP.

Large Versailles style GRP planter
Large Lechuza planter
Large tapered square plant container
Large lead style GRP planter
Large galvanised planter
Large plastic illuminated planter
large ribbed GRP plant container
Large tuscan style GRP plant container
Large sculptured shape GRP planter

Take a look at the different types of materials and different colours available and feel free to call us if you have any questions or need advice.

Large lead style GRP planter

Above: flower pots

Above: 1200mm textured bowl

Above: 1200mm long  x 600mm wide x 600mm tall lead style GRP

We can supply and install your office plants:

Take a look at a large range of plant containers in other sizes:

large glass fibre ceramic style plant container

Many large GRP planters can be made in to water butts or water tanks.

Large GRP cube shaped planter

Lightweight ceramic style

Glassfibre cubes

High gloss synthetic

S curve urn

Galvanised or lightweight glassfibre

Galvanised or lightweight glassfibre

Aluminium or stainless